How to Make Smoked Walleye

How to Make Smoked Walleye

This is a delicious smoked walleye recipe to get the most and best flavors!


1 Bag of HuntChef Sweet and Spicy Ham Kit

1 Walleye

3 Bisquettes


Pour 2 gallons of water in a large container, then proceed to remove your kit and mix it into the water.

Cut small slices into the sides and top of your walleye fish and put it into a bowl, proceed to pour the brine water into the walleye bowl and set it aside to marinate for one day.

After one day, season your brine with the HuntChef seasoning, make sure to season it all over the fish.

Set your Bradley P-10 smoker for 222ºF (105ºC), and set your smoker for 90 minutes, proceed to put it in your walleye.

Bring out your walleye, and enjoy the delicious flavors!

Recipe by: HuntChef